I’m extremely passionate about Virtual Reality and its future possibilities. We have just started scratching the surface when it comes to VR technology. Ionix Interactive will be focusing on both Hardware and Software aimed at the VR industry. My plan is not only to supplement the current growing VR software content library with immersive gaming experiences, but to make VR technology a norm in school classes. One thing I noticed right away is that my kids absorbed and held around 70-80 % of learned content compared to roughly around 30-40% after reading a book. There’s quite nothing like experiencing a well-known story 1st hand and being in the front seat. It leaves a lasting impression and words cannot do it any justice. You have to experience it to believe it. With your support, you will help me raise money for the software, R&D, licensing, legal fees, patent fees and material supply chain cost.

Our 1st project is a cooling system for VR units. I can’t give out too much info since its currently in the patent process stage, but once it’s been finalized and prototype has been tested, I will disclose lots more information. I’ll update everyone as updated become available